3D Virtual Try-on With Modara AI

Innovating the Online Fashion Industry

Innovative Features

Discover how Modara AI is transforming online fashion retailing with cutting-edge features.

Accurate 3D Avatar Try-On

Try on clothes virtually with our realistic 3D avatars for a perfect fit.

Reduced Returns

Minimize returns by ensuring customers find the right size and style the first time.

Enhanced Shopping Experience

Improve customer satisfaction with an interactive and personalized shopping experience.

Sustainable Fashion Solution

Contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing carbon footprint associated with returns.

Choose Your Plan

Select the plan that best fits your needs
BasicGet started with our basic features for free
/ month
Access to 3D avatar try-on API
Limited clothing simulation options
Up to 1500 scans
Limited retailer integration
ProUpgrade to unlock more advanced features
$2499/ month
All features of FREE plan
Access to full 3D avatar try-on API
Expanded clothing simulation options
Up to 6000 scans
Enhanced retailer integration
Experience the full power of Modara AI
 All features of BASIC plan
Access to premium 3D avatar try-on API
Customized clothing simulation options
Unlimited scans 
Advanced retailer integration with analytics

Common questions

Here are some of the most common questions that we get.
How does Modara AI's 3D avatar try-on API work?Modara AI's 3D avatar try-on API uses advanced AI algorithms to accurately simulate how clothing fits on a user's virtual avatar, providing a realistic try-on experience.
How does Modara AI help reduce returns in online fashion?By allowing customers to virtually try on clothes before purchasing, Modara AI helps them make more informed decisions, reducing the likelihood of returns due to sizing or fit issues.
What are the environmental benefits of using Modara AI's technology?Modara AI's technology reduces the need for physical garment production and shipping, leading to a decrease in carbon emissions and environmental impact associated with the fashion industry.
How can retailers benefit from implementing Modara AI's 3D avatar try-on API?Retailers can benefit from reduced return rates, increased customer satisfaction, and cost savings associated with fewer returns and improved operational efficiency.
Who are the founders of Modara AI and what is their background?The founders of Modara AI are Jash Shah and Dhruv Jain, who have backgrounds in computer vision and climate tech. They are driving Modara AI towards sustainable and efficient solutions for online fashion retailing.